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we purchased and used the dog chastity belt for our lovely 1/2 Samoyed 1/2 wolf dog Cassidy. Having raised a couple of litters already, we were not anxious to do so again and were keenly aware of how difficult it is to keep the boys and girls apart. We also did not wish to fix the dogs since it alters their hormonal balance and temperament.

When we first put the chastity belt on Cassidy, she was stunned and very resistance. After a few hours she settled into it and was fine. The belt provided a level of assurance that she would not get pregnant again and she didn't! We were able to let the boys hang out with her and nothing happened. Though the boy dogs were very disappointed. We've recommended it to our friends and would recommend it to anybody not wanting puppies and not wishing to spay their canine companions. Highly recommended!

Tanya Gerard

(505) 660-2010

Santa Fe NM.


From a breeders opinion on your PABS I must say it gives me great peace of mind that I can leave my home and know that even if my dogs got together there would be no opsssssss breeding. I was amazed by your product and how well it really does work.

Christine Uveges

Apache Moon Rottweiler's

(845) 672-3647
Buffalo, New York

The PABS device is a huge success for anyone serious about keeping their dog intact for later breeding. The system worked like a charm in keeping our strong 90 lb female American Bulldog from tearing it off. Unlike others we tried, this one really works! Dogs are happy and owner can relax that there are no accidents.


Paul A. Cardis
AVID Ratings Co.
918 Deming Way, Suite 200
Madison, WI 53717
Direct: 608-824-2507

Dear Dexter,

I just wanted to take time to thank you for the phenomenal customer service and fast shipping of the products that you represent. Because of the PABS system, I have felt very comfortable letting my wife take Fawn out of our home to visit her parents. I have had my female to the park, to the training fields and to my hunting club. Also of important note, the PABS, has been put through some rigorous usage on my performance dog. I have run her through the forest and fields of my hunting club in Pennsylvania, not only did I run her while I was walking, but I also had her out in front of my ATV. She ran at full pace through switch grass, corn, and thick forest with no issue. She was also able to stop to relieve herself: "number one and two" with no problem. After her run I took her down to the lake where she made retrieves from the center of the lake and then she played nearby in a shallow stream. The PABS Harness dries quickly and does not hinder her performance or my training regiments. I would never feel comfortable taking her out of my back yard without it.


Donny Zarra
Pittsburgh, PA
Vom Grimm Haus Deutsch Drahthaars

"In all of these years I've never seen a product, from an independent inventor, developed to the degree of professional level and with such thorough research into the product category as yours."

Dennis Merino
Merino & Associates
Pollock Pines, CA
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"I fully endorse the PABS, Pet Anti Breeding System. I am excited about this product because as a veteran of the pet industry for over 40 years, I have never seen anything like it. I visit trade shows year in and year out - hundreds of shows in my lifetime - and never has a product accomplished what PABS does."

Rob Boyd
Rob Boyd & Associates
Norfolk, VA
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"The search is over. PABS, Pet Anti Breeding System is a remarkable innovation in controlling and managing breeding.
I am simply moved by this innovation. It will dramatically improve the way we breed our pets. "

Terri Galle
Primier Dog Handler
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